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BMW Exhausts

BMW Exhausts

BMW motorcycle exhausts by GPR

BMW's are very close to our heart here at Moto Legends. In the past putting on a set of aftermarket stainless silencers on your trusty R series air head was as far as changing the exhausts went on a BMW. But with the latest generation of bikes and the increasing obsession of the legislators to completely mute them it is far more likely a BMW owner will turn to an aftermarket exhaust (I have!). Of course you're local friendly BMW dealer will be able to reduce the contents of your wallet by offering you one of the BMW approved exhausts, of course he will. You can then ride round safely in the knowledge that you have paid a premium to look the same as every other BMW in your area. What could be better? Might I suggest having a slightly thicker wallet and a GPR exhaust on your BMW?

Please also take a look at our range of Famsa luggage for BMW's. Famsa have a little factory in Milan just 200 yards from one of the owners of GPR and we are happy to supply their luggage alongside GPR. Each base is custom made for your specific BMW and the quality is superb. Unfortunately they do not have a massive factory, WSB team, etc etc to pay for and we only have the most modest of overheads so we cannot really charge you the same high prices that BMW will charge you for their own branded motorcycle luggage. So if you really need to have the most expensive sadly we cannot help you. But as you will not see Famsa prices everywhere you could easily tell everybody it cost at least 50% more. They'll never know.

Free carriage on Famsa for UK customers when ordered with GPR too.