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GPR Range

GPR Motorcycle exhausts range. Road and race silencers and full exhaust systems.

Unless stated otherwise all GPR silencers come complete with all fittings, link pipe (if required) and are road legal. Road legal nearly always means E marked but in rare circumstances can mean BSAU standard.

Sometimes when new versions of silencers are introduced we do not always get round to updating every listing so if it isn't listed for yours please ask. Generally anything that fits an oval will also be available in GPE, Speedcone and Furore.

Oval or Round

The classic oval and round. Particularly suitable for older bikes or those on a tight budget who still want a high quality road legal silencer. Mostly available in Stainless steel, Carbonox*, Titanium and Carbon Fibre. Generally if we list either oval or round as an option for your bike but not in the material you want it, can be obtained just call and ask for details. All come with a removable db reducer and in line cone baffle. If fitted without these it will perform as a full race can. A lot of options for not a lot of money.


round stainless oval Carbonox
Grand Prix Evolution


Grand Prix Evolution (GPE)

Developed by G.P.R. during their time as technical partner to LCR Honda in MotoGP. Available for a wide range of modern sports and naked machines the GPE is cutting edge modern but with classic good looks and performance that bring a guaranteed improvement to any bike unless otherwise stated all versions on this website are road legal but in some cases can be specified as full race. Sometimes known as the “GP evo” the GPE continues to set the standard that other manufacturers try to reach.

The road legal versions have removable db reducer and in line cone baffle offer the option when removed of full un-restricted race performance when used on the track. Either Jekyl or Hide you choose.

Available in: natural coloured or black stainless with the mat black ergal end cap. Carbonox for a truly unique and eye catching finish with a carbon resin finished ergal end cap. And titanium in either natural colour or black (nero),all made using high quality components. See below for details.

alu oval

Stainless Steel (GPE.IO)
Made from high grade 304 stainless with the benefit of an ergal* inlet and black finished ergal end cap.

alu oval

Carbonox (GPE.PO)
All the benefits of the standard stainless version but Carbonox finished with a carbon covered ergal end cap. Shouts expensive but isn’t.

alu oval

Titanium (GPE)
Has the classic look of the stainless version but with the carbon covered ergal end cap used on the carbonox version. The immaculately welded titanium sleeve saves weight and adds class.

alu oval

Nero Italia (GPE)
Exactly the same spec and materials as the GPR stainless, the Nero has a durable black satin coating that gives an all-black finish. Perfect for that stealth look.

alu oval



The GPE was designed from day one to look and work just as well as an under-seat unit as it is side mount. Available in the same three finishes in race or road trim. As an unde-rseat slip-on it is called the Tiburon (to add confusion it is available rarely as a side mount).

alu oval alu oval alu ovalalu ovalalu ovalalu oval

The GPR Deeptone slip-on for ATV

The GPR Deeptone slip-on is as tough as you can get. Made from 100% 304 grade stainless and fitted with a removable db reducer it’s as simple as can be with a pleasing deep sound and clean sporty looks. Fully welded all the way along it’s length it can take plenty of knocks and withstand the most abusive vibration. Made for the rough stuff it won’t let you down however tough it gets. Fully E marked and road legal (unless stated otherwise). If value and quality are high on your list of priorities then look no further.

GPR Deeptone full system for ATV

Where available the GPR full systems combine 100% 304 grade fully TIG welded stainless steel pipework with the Deeptone silencer to make a super tough and lightweight system that just can’t be beat on price or quality .You won’t be having any exhaust problems for a long time to come. Adding power and saving weight these systems are also built to last and sound great.

alu oval


More tear drop shaped than a true Tri Oval shape the GPR Trioval is superb value and very tough. The favourite choice for single and twin cylinder bikes. 100% 304 grade stainless steel. The mirror polished sleeve will continue to look great for years when many other silencers at this price will look and perform as if they are twice the age. The ceramic black version has a ceramic matt finish that is tougher than many costing double. Fitted with a removable db reducer.

alu ovalalu oval


The word “Ghisa” is used as a slang term in Milan to mean traffic cop. So when our Milanese friends want to warn another rider about a police presence they shout “Ghisa! Close the gas!” So we have created Ghisa to be quiet at low rpm but to still have a great sound and good power when the revs climb and the gas is fully open. Just like the traffic police uniform and the cast iron the name originally comes from the colour is black and is created with a very durable ceramic finish or with a carbon look end cap (sport)

Full Systems

G.P.R. full systems are available for many Bikes. All are made from 304-grade stainless steel, and the purpose is always power. Tapered Headers improve power and torque. Check in the shop area to see if available for your bike can sometimes be specified with a different end can than that listed. Also can be specified as full race spec if road legal is listed. Just ask.

alu oval


Thunder Deeptone is made from fully TIG welded 304 grade stainless and supplied with a removable db and removable baffle. The carbon look version has a tough carbon look sleeve to compliment to give a carbon look but at a fraction of the price. The Nero has a tough black ceramic finish that is as moody as it’s mean. Available to fit a very wide range of bikes.

alu oval round stainless oval Carbonox alu ovalalu oval


Availble for a few bikes only the thunderslash is made from stainless steel. The most aggresively styled silencer in the range and unmistakebly GPR (not always road legal).


New in 2013 Furore provides 21st century looks at 80’s prices. All internals and link pipes are 304 grade stainless steel. The outer sleeve is aluminium finished in either natural anodised, ceramic black (Nero). Ceramic white (Albus) or with a carbon look outer sleeve. The spec is finished off with a uniquely shaped ergal end cap fitted with a circlip retained db. Also fitted with a removable baffle. If you can find better value for money, buy it! Also available for many scooter applications.

alu oval alu ovalalu oval

Powercone Stainless

Superb fully TIG welded thin wall stainless design. Very ligh with that fatory special look, there is no tuning required just plug in and play. Road legal (e marked) with removable baffle and removable db reducer. Supplied with stainless link pipe and all brackets etc.

alu oval

Powercone Carbon

The slimmest and lightest genuine carbon fibre slip-on on the market. Available for a wide range of 3 and four cylinder superbikes. Fitted with a circlip retained db reducer and removable baffle. E marked and road legal.  If required can be supplied without db killer and baffle to create a race exhaust.

alu oval

Pandemonium Full Carbon

A slightley different version of carbon powercone with a parrlel body. Very light genuine carbon

Scooter Maxi Street Fighter

Designed for 350cc and larger scooters. GPR scooter exhausts are designed exclusively for the very special requirements that scooters have. Available in stainless and titanium.

alu oval alu oval


Designed with an off road/adventure look the Powercross combines simple design with rugged good looks and durability. Made from 304 grade stainless steel it will last as long (or longer!) thank your bike.

Grand Prix Evolution


If you have a retro look scooter the Vintalogy stainless system is the only choice. Originally designed for the Vespa GT range but now available for a much wider audience. Hand welded and polished, welded brackets and a unique appearance make this the leading choice.

Grand Prix Evolution

4Road for Scooter

An all stainless steel scooter exhaust available for a wide range of scooters in fully homologated and homologated with catalytic converter versions. Superb value and a traditional look.