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Moto Legends FAQ's

Below are the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you find there isn't an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us on 01636 605105 or via our info@motolegends.com

Will my GPR exhaust come with everything need to fit?

Yes, including where necessary number-plate brackets.

Can I buy GPR from my local dealer?

Normally yes. Moto Legends Distribution Ltd supply dealers all over the UK. If you would prefer to buy from a dealer and are having difficulties just let us know and we will help.

How long will it take for my GPR exhaust to arrive?

Some will arrive next day, other will take up to ten working days. We will only pre-authorise your card at the time of order and process the charge the day of despatch.

How much louder than standard will it be?

With the removable DB reducer in place it will be a little louder than standard and will have a sportier sound. With the DB reducer removed it will, in most cases, be as loud as a full race exhaust and should only be used on private land or race circuits that allow FIM noise levels.

How long is my guarantee?

There is a minimum guarantee of 12 months. Proof of purchase is required. If there are clear manufacturing faults and you are the original owner we will repair of replace your GPR exhaust for as long as you keep it.

Will I need to have the fuelling on my bike re-set?

Not usually. On certain race products we advise that it is used in conjunction with one of our Extreme fuel commanders to give maximum power gains. But where this required it will be clearly stated.

Will it be road legal?

Yes unless it is a full race product.

Will my GPR exhaust come with everything need to fit?

Yes, including where necessary number-plate brackets.

What is Inconel?

Inconel is a registered trademark of Special Metal Corporation that refers to a family of austenitic nickel chromium-based superalloys. It's very light and very strong.

What is Ergal?

Ergal is a special light alloy used in Moto GP and F1. It's very light, very strong and particularly suitable for exhaust use.

What is Carbonox?

Carbonox is the name we have given to the process used to alter the surface of stainless steel to give a carbon look. It is sometimes referred to as poppy. So that's why we changed it!