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Ducati Exhausts DIAVEL 2011/14

Nobody was quite sure what to make of the Diavel when it first came onto the market. And maybe only those that have rode it will ever understand it. It can drag race a V Max, out  handle anything remotely similar and pull a crowd just about anywhere it goes. Not bad!

Even in standard trim the Diavel would not pass a normal noise test. However because it originates from Italy it appears to have done so...Can't imagine how....

So any after market exhaust that is louder than standard cannot be e marked or homolgated for road use (unless there is fibbing involved). Our Powercone is not road legal but the GPE, Furore and Ghisa  versions are. They have two removable sound reduction devices so can be made loud where legal but can also be used on the road in the UK and elsewhere in the good old EU. Enjoy.

Ducati Diavel exhausts by GPR